Dr Janice Wright

Episode Summary

Dr Janice Wright is the chief medical officer at Inspire Health, an organization that offers Clinical Services to cancer patients, provided by a team of physicians, nutritionists, clinical counsellors and exercise therapists. Inspire Health has experience providing guidance on healthful diet changes, stress reduction and emotional counseling, decision making, exercise, and personal coaching. Dr Wright explains how she came to work at Inspire Health and how the organization is striving to make a difference in patients lives every single day.

Guest Bio

Dr. Janice Wright MD, CCFP

Dr. Janice Wright graduated from McGill University with a BSc. in Anatomy and a Master of Science in Biology. She received her MD from McMaster University, did her family practice residency at the University of Toronto and did additional residency training in palliative care through UBC. She has a special interest in practicing and mentoring medical students and physicians in the person-centered care model. Janice is a certified yoga instructor and practices meditation daily. She believes healthy eating, sleep and exercise habits in addition to spending time in nature are integral aspects of health and well-being. She supports her team and patients to explore these in their lives.

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