Bob Mehr

Episode Summary

Bob Mehr is the President & CEO of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. Bob sits down with Pure Talk host Marc Richard to discuss why he chose a career in pharmacy and why Pure is unlike anything other pharmacy you've ever seen.

Guest Bio

Beginning his career in healthcare as a Compounding Pharmacist, Bob has developed into a business innovator and industry leader. He began Pure Pharmacy from the understanding that our approach to health and wellness needed to head in a new direction. Focusing on preventative medicine and promoting vitality, Bob’s vision was to combine a holistic and integrative health model with traditional pharmacy services. In realizing his vision, Bob has managed to create pharmacies like no other.

Bob takes an active role in his community by participating in charitable events and holding regular health seminars. He has an enthusiastic, helpful and vibrant attitude, and it translates into every Pure Pharmacy location. In every store, he has created an atmosphere that promotes the three things that Bob values most: family, community and health.

Marc Richard